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This boy at Target asked if I would hold his hand because his ex girlfriend just walked in with a new guy, so naturally I felt bad and held his hand while strolling around Target for a bit. Then it donned on me, with no other couple in sight, that was the best damn pick up line ever pulled.

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Anonymous: When I was a senior in high school the girls soccer team would always shower together after practice. It was tradition. They decided to add on to the tradition and have the male soccer captain/manager for girls soccer shower with them as well. (Which was me) Anyway, the only rule was I couldn't touch. They all (11 of them) fingered and ate each other out, while I just sat there with a raging boner to only have horrible blue balls after. But the girls captain blew me in the end for my suffering.



Slutty confession time send me ur sluttiest confession ;)

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